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the road to mybeautifulblunder.

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I never thought I would share my story with more than 5 people let alone blog about it! I stayed quiet for over two years and found myself feeling so alone and just angry at the world.  However I started to be more aware of even the smallest references to IVF and I suddenly felt a connection, a sense of belonging to something again.  So I started to write. I’ve never felt as much relief throughout these past two years as I do now and I know that by sharing my story,  someone will read this and feel the same way I did when I saw IVF being mentioned on the Today show, or read a sentence about a lady who had a successful transfer with her lowest quality egg.  All of these stories stick with me and will always have a place in my journey, so I urge you to write. Maybe you won't share it with me today, but when and if you ever do, just know that your story will help ME!  You are brave, you are strong and however you chose to continue on your journey remember that you are not alone and I will always want to hear from you.

Ive also shared my story on a few other accounts! You can check one out here:


About the blog

Well after two years of hiding behind the doors of IVF I've decided to open them up. And not just open one at a time, or even crack them open a little. No, I'm going to open BOTH doors and leave them wide open, SO COME ON IN. Whatever the reason may be that you are choosing to step into this arena (gain knowledge, maybe you're bored, you're about to go through this or are currently going through infertility treatments) welcome! I wish I had come across a raw, unedited page/person before diving into this. Therefore, hope that I can help just one person, I'm not even sure how I will help that person, but I figured sharing my journey (a journey I'm still going through BTW) will hopefully help others maneuvering through infertility feel like they're not alone, like they're not weird or like they've done something to deserve this. Quite the opposite actually I hope that all of my "realness" allows others, even just one person, to realize that this journey, long or short, is beautiful. A beautiful blunder.


ivf glossary

I tend to spit out a lot of IVF terms at you that I realize might be new (as they were to me) and confusing. Here is a little glossary for reference!


IVF – In Vitro Fertilization


IUI – Intra Uterine Insemination


BFP  - Big Fat Positive (in reference to a pregnancy test)


BFN -  Yep you guessed it, Big Fat Negative (pregnancy test)


FC#1 – Fertility center number 1 (the first one we tried IVF with)


FC#2 – Fertility center number 2 (the second and current practice we are patients of)

D&C – (A dilation and curettage procedure – removing unwanted tissue from the uterus)


Hysteroscopy - procedure where the doctor looks inside your uterus with a hysteroscope, a

thin, lighted tube that is inserted into your vagina to look at the cervix and inside of the uterus.

Helpful Links:

To find Fertility Specialists check out Go Stork. 

They have over 50 top surrogacy agencies all in one easy-to-use platform and 10,000 egg donors - the largest free online egg donor database. This is 100% free to users.

We always recommend Resolve, they have groups in all towns that patients can utilize and plenty of resources.

There is also the ASRM website that covers all things fertility and has stats. Another great resource.

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