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Tikvah means Hope

We finally gave Eriela her Hebrew name.

This was a big day for us. The twins got their Hebrew name 3 months after they were born, but Eriela, well being a pandemic born baby changes a lot of plans. I should be used to plans changing though right? So I suppose it was pretty fitting that here we are, 15 months into her life and finally naming her.

A brit milah, or a baby naming, is a ceremony during which the baby is given his or her Hebrew name. The chosen Hebrew name could be a name that sounds like the baby's secular/English name, or one that begins with the same sound as the baby's secular/English name. Often a Hebrew name is selected because the meaning of the word has significance to a family. That's the rout we chose.

In Hebrew, Tikvah means hope. As you know this word means a lot to me. It was what kept me going on my darkest days. It was what gave me a glimmer of light when all I saw was darkness. It was what got me out of bed on mornings I just didn’t think I could.

I used to pass a stone on my walks during my TWW that had the word hope. I glanced at it every time. I took a photo of it, I knew it was a sign but I couldn’t bank on signs as much anymore. And yet something about it kept me wondering. I kept it in the back of my mind for a long time, HOPE.

After 7 transfers and 6 years of wanting her we were pregnant after that TWW. We found out she was a girl and of course my brain went into name mode. See, in the Jewish religion we give our children a Hebrew name along with their English name. Some people choose a name that translates the same in both languages, but Nick and I like to focus on a specific meaning. Truthfully a million names came to mind, as anyone who goes through infertility and is then lucky enough to have a child knows, there are a lot of meaningful words and signs. But anyway, I digress...

During my pregnancy the twins randomly brought me a book to read to them titled “Tikvah means Hope.” I took a photo, I knew this was it, her Hebrew name had to be Tikvah.

So yesterday we gave it to her. Amongst our closest family and friends. We had beautiful flowers (by @theflowerboyfloralco) to give the space a special touch. Our amazing Rabbi came to our home and catered to Eriela's nap schedule (because I am neurotic), and everyone gathered around her as we blessed her and as we were reminded of how lucky we are to GET to be her parents.

My heart is so heavy thinking of all those suffering right now. This moment reminded me, even more so, to count each one of my blessings, to hug my loved ones extra tight because I know we are so damn lucky to stand in one room together.

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Such a beautiful and special day! we are so blessed 🥰

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